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  • DrTeatime

    Hey again.

    I've been thinking about how to change the top navigation bar to accommodate the multiple campaigns of the future and I have some ideas that I'd like to run by y'all.

    I'm thinking we could remove the misc tab and let the sub-tabs be their own thing, structured something like:

    • Locations
      • Balance Arc Locations
        • various
        • Locations
        • Here
      • (K)nights Locations
        • I'm not familiar with Nights so idk if there even are enough locations to warrant this part
      • Commitment Locations
        • etc
        • etc

    • Items
      • Balance Arc Items
        • Grand Relics
        • etc
      • Commitment Items
        • etc
        • And so on

    We also link to category pages several times, which is certainly functional, but I prefer being able to link to more structured pages since, if nothing else, it looks tidier. I've been thinking we could make list …

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  • DrTeatime

    New Image Galleries

    September 1, 2017 by DrTeatime

    Heyo, MysteryMix and Theshehulkproject.

    Wikia has some new image galleries and I wanted to check if you're ok with me switching to them. You can check what they'd look like on any page by adding ?gallery=new to the url and I feel they look better than the current ones. 

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