Hey again.

I've been thinking about how to change the top navigation bar to accommodate the multiple campaigns of the future and I have some ideas that I'd like to run by y'all.


I'm thinking we could remove the misc tab and let the sub-tabs be their own thing, structured something like:

  • Locations
    • Balance Arc Locations
      • various
      • Locations
      • Here
    • (K)nights Locations
      • I'm not familiar with Nights so idk if there even are enough locations to warrant this part
    • Commitment Locations
      • etc
      • etc

  • Items
    • Balance Arc Items
      • Grand Relics
      • etc
    • Commitment Items
      • etc
      • And so on

We also link to category pages several times, which is certainly functional, but I prefer being able to link to more structured pages since, if nothing else, it looks tidier. I've been thinking we could make list pages for general categories like balance arc items and locations. They would be quite reminiscent of the category pages except with a bit more structure and some rudimentary information, I've made a mock-up of what it could look like here


The Episodes tab should probably be re-worked as well though I'm not entirely sure what the best structure would be in this case. Merging the four current sub-tabs would make for one lengthy tab but maybe lunar interludes, bonus episodes and ttazz could be given their own list pages instead of linking to all individual episodes?

I'm not sure what would make it easiest to navigate and we're certainly in no hurry since we should have several weeks with the upcoming Balance arc bonus stuff. Still, it would be nice to get this all worked out by the time Commitment starts.

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