Hi folks!

As next Thursday (probably, maybe) marks the end of the Balance Arc of The Adventure Zone, you may be wondering what's coming up next for the officially unofficial wiki! Great question!

In short, we're not going anywhere. We built this to be a wiki for the show, not just the Balance Arc. We may do a redesign (current design courtesy of user:DAVID.EXE), and will update the navigation as necessary, but we're not going anywhere. Whatever comes next, we're here for it!

All of the pages will be tagged with whatever the next arc is.

In the meantime, relive all the best parts of the Balance Arc by checking out all the cool content we've got around here:

If you're feeling generous with your time or you'd like to help out while relistening, help expand the Article Stubs!

We've been so happy you're here with us, and we can't wait for whatever comes next. 

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