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The Voidfish is a mysterious giant jellyfish-looking creature who lives in a giant tank at the Bureau of Balance. It consumes memories for all beings, except those who have been inoculated by drinking the ichor from its tank (it might be Voidfish pee).[1]

History Edit

Early History Edit

Before the Bureau of Balance was created, the Voidfish used to live on a plane separate from the one the Tres Horny Boys live on. This plane would end up being visited by the Red Robes. After communicating with the Voidfish for presumably a year, the Red Robes managed to get it on their ship when The Hunger attacked its plane. Many years later, the Voidfish would have a child that was used by The Director in order to wipe the memories of all the Red Robes.

Powers and Special Abilities Edit

The Voidfish eats memories, completely deleting knowledge from the minds of anyone who has not been inoculated. Non-initiates find the facts have been replaced with static, and, when they try to think about subjects that have been eaten, they find their minds sliding over them.

Rites of Remembrance Edit

When a Bureau of Balance employee dies in the line of duty, their name is fed to the Voidfish, who consumes all living memories of that individual (except from the minds of those inoculated to the effects of the Voidfish). 

In Episode 41, we get some clarity around the full extent of the powers of the Voidfish during Boyland’s Rites of Remembrance. The Voidfish has an ability to erase information, but also the ability to implant whatever someone needs to write their own story about why the information fed to the Voidfish is missing from the realm. When Boyland is fed to the Voidfish, for instance, they can make it so the inscription on Boyland’s chair is unreadable, so it’s like it’s “for a family friend who… they also can’t remember.” 

The Voidfish lights up whenever someone not inoculated tries to remember information the Voidfish has consumed. In particular, when Boyland is consumed, the Voidfish lights up like the Northern Lights, bright with the memories of his comically large family. 

The Voidfish eats the memories. It’s possible for someone to tell the Voidfish about something one wanted an un-inoculated person to forget (e.g. debts unpaid, farts in embarrassing places), and the Voidfish would be more than happy to eat those memories for you. However, the Voidfish cannot Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind anyone who has been inoculated (no matter how much Merle wants to not remember Boyland).

Fan Art Edit

Taako Tuesdays -- Voidfish

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. In Ep. 7, the trio and a BoB employee discuss what the ichor tastes like. Answers range from "crab rangoon" to "salmon roe" with a soupçon of poop (thanks Merle). They also discuss what it could be made of: poop, pee, or even sperm, settling on "any number of bodily fluids." Bon apetit!

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