Why Is blogs Edit

A long list of blogs dedicated to telling us why a certain character is doing something Edit

Why is Magnus crying [1]

Why is Taako Laughing [2]

Why is Merle confused [3]

What scared Angus [4]

Why is Lup extra [5]

Why is Lup smirking [6]

Why are Hurley and Solone kissing [7]

Why is Lucretia facepalming [8]

Why is Team Sweet Flips Flipping [9]

Why is Kravitz flustered [10]

Why is Magic Brain proud [11]

Who is the Competent Woman [12]

Where did the voidfish go [13]

Why is Barry dying [14]

Why is Davenport disappointed [15]

Why are Carey and Killian snickering [16]

Why is Davenport frustrated [17]

Why is Barry Stressed [18]

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