Wonderland was a building located in the Felicity Wilds that was ran by two liches name Edward and Lydia. Adventurers throughout the world would come to Wonderland in search of their deepest desires, not knowing that Wonderland was actually a trap designed to cause and collect their suffering.

Description Edit

On the outside, Wonderland resembles a squat, wide, cylindrical building with black and white vertical stripes rotating across its surface, that is illuminated by several large floodlights. Illusion magic is used to make the inside of Wonderland seem colorful and vibrant, but, in actuality, it's mostly just black smoke created from suffering.

Challenges Edit

Visitors of Wonderland must go through a set of challenges in order to receive their "prize".

  • Wheel of Sacrifice: A giant wheel that adventurers are required to spin in order to advance forward to the next challenge of Wonderland. Whatever the arrow on the wheel lands on, the spinner must sacrifice. Refusing to do so will result in a penalty.
    • Hand: The spinner must sacrifice a finger, hand, or a bit of their dexterity.
    • Brain: The spinner must sacrifice a part of their memory.
    • Eye: The spinner must sacrifice some of their eyesight, or, if they land on it again, their eyes.
    • Swords: The spinner must sacrifice a future fight, meaning that fight will never have happened.
    • Backpack: The spinner must sacrifice a item. Probably.
    • Body: The spinner must sacrifice a bit of their max HP.
    • Skull: Not a sacrifice, but the spinner will be hit with case of bad luck sometime during their visit in Wonderland.
    • Clock: The spinner must sacrifice some of their age, or, in the case of those who can't or don't age, some of their beauty.
    • Question Mark: The spinner can sacrifice anything, as long as it's enough to please Lydia and Edward.
  • Trust or Forsake: Before a challenge, visitors must go through a room containing a huge LED screen, and, in the middle, a pedestal with two buttons labeled Trust and Forsake respectively. The LED screen picks a random person out of a group, and they must choose whether to trust or forsake another group who are playing the same game.
    • Trust/Forsake: The group who picked "forsake" will be able to skip their challenge, while the other group must go through a extra hard version of their challenge.
    • Trust/Trust: Both groups will still have to do their challenge, but it will be the easy version.
    • Forsake/Forsake: Both groups must do the extra hard version of their challenge.
  • Monster Factory: A challenge set in a large chamber filled with machinery and high ceilings. Hanging on the ceiling are some assembly lines leading to a large, circular hatch in the center. In the room are three large boxes representing: Type, Monster, and Attribute. The adventurers must roll all three boxes in order to create their own monster for themselves to fight. An extra monster will be rolled, and both monsters will be given a extra attribute if the adventurers were forsaked during the Trust or Forsake round.
  • Unknown Boardgame Challenge
  • Boss Rush: A challenge set in a large chamber that is lined with dozens of LED screens that display different settings and landscapes. In this room, adventurers must defeat mannequin versions of their past enemies.

Games Edit

  • Heart Attack: A Dating Game-type gameshow where a group of adventurers are asked romantic questions in order to win the heart of the game's contestant, who is actually just a mannequin. Is less of a challenge, and more a breather for those groups who picked forsake during Trust or Forsake.
  • Bonus Rounds: After a challenge, adventurers can sometimes be allowed a chance to recover health, recover things they've sacrificed, or escape.
    • Healing Game: Each member of a group can transfer some of their health to another group member. However, the transfer is a 2:1 rate, so only half of what was sent will be given to the recipient.
    • Recovery Game: Presumably, a game that allows adventurers to win back a item, body part, etc. that was sacrificed.
    • Escape Game: Presumably, a game where party members compete for the allowance of leaving Wonderland.

Trivia Edit

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