The Woven Gulch is an arid canyon land, located beyond Phandalin, Rockport, and Goldcliff, as a cannon ball flies. Its main geological features are a series of dusty, dry canyons that are weaving into the ground, all made up of red clay. (They are described both as a dusty brown and made of a red clay.) The largest of the canyons has a big opening that contains a perfect circle — a bubble/temporal anomaly/forcefield.

The Director describes the area as "possibly sticky," and it is certainly a warmer climate than some of the adventurers' previous adventures, necessitating Sweet Summer Looks.

Inside the bubble is the town of Refuge, though it is invisible from the outside.

Trivia Edit

  • Griffin did not have a name prepared for this area and had to name it on the fly. Alternative names suggested by the players include:
    • Gucci Gulch
    • The Blasted Lands (actually an area in World of Warcraft)
    • The Not-Blasted Lands
    • The Flavor-Blasted Lands
    • The Grandd Canyon
    • The Arid Wastes (actually a map in Starcraft)
    • Tatooine

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