Yeemick was a goblin employee of Klarg. He convinced the adventurers to murder his employer and in exchange offers to let them leave the cave with Barry Bluejeans, whom Yeemick and Klarg had been holding prisoner.

History Edit

Yeemick is a Harvard educated goblin who works in the cave lead by Klarg the Bugbear. He holds Barry Bluejeans hostage in exchange for Magnus, Merle and Taako to overthrow Klarg for him and his goblin compatriots. After Klarg is charmed by Taako and finds out of Yeemick's plan, he calls Yeemick into his office and Yeemick is killed in the altercation.

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Yeemick

Trivia Edit

  • Yeemick looks like the rapper Common and sounds like actor Kelsey Grammar.

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